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Translate into reality the most original and innovative ideas allows designers finishing gypsum board. Moreover, any restrictions when working with this material is practically non-existent. At its core - a multi-faceted designer, allowing embody the most unbelievable fantasy to create a variety of interiors. Using gypsum board provides precise geometry conceived forms, matching visual style and excellent performance.
When finishing gypsum board ceilings, walls in apartments, villas and offices can not only build a complex
multi-level structure for decorative purposes , but also to provide a reliable sound insulation, sometimes essential to create functional forms for the household needs.
Undoubtedly, the totality of technological capabilities described material and reasonable price made it the most popular in the different categories of construction work on the execution sequence set out in article finishing technology apartments.

Our professional gypsum services includes:

  • Partition
  • Ceilings
  • Wall Covering
  • Ornamental Work
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